SEK-Alborán and UCJC hold the Second Universities and Employment Fair

The Universities and Employment Fair is an initiative by the SEK International School Alborán Career’s Guidance Department that aims to generate a space for communication between students and their families and with the main higher and vocational education centres for them to get to know the university, professional and postgraduate academic offer. The purpose of the event is to advise on possible degrees and offers from the most prestigious public and private universities in Spain.

The meeting is aimed mainly at year 4 ESO to year 2 Bachillerato  and vocational training students from the province of Almeria and their families or those looking for more information on their professional development.

Information stands remained open throughout the day on Thursday, 31 January, at the Teatro Auditorio Ciudad de El Ejido. Guests were attended by the professionals of each university, training centres, vocational and professional training, armed forces and student residences.

“We must help young people to make the best decision for their future”

The event concluded with a panel discussion entitled “Keys for the employability of the future” and was coordinated by Samuel Martín-Barbero, Rector of University Camilo José Cela. The panel featured leading figures from the worlds of business, teaching, research, communications and politics, such as Luis Carlos Jiménez, Principal of SEK-Alborán; Pedro Manuel de la Cruz, Editor at La Voz de Almería; Antonio Jesús Fernández, Chair of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Almeria; Kris De Smet, Business Manager at Koppert Biological System; Ana Moreno, Dean of the Economists Association; Stefano Visintin, Director of the Degree in Business and Technology at the University Camilo José Cela; Julia Ibáñez, Councillor for Culture of El Ejido; Juan García, Vice Chancellor of the University of Almería; and Raúl Pérez Guerra, Professor of Law at the University of Almería.

Samuel Martín-Barbero encouraged young people to take “a responsible decision on the path that is going to be undertaken” and stated that “it is not a failure to change degrees or not to go to university. And it is not a failure to not know what to study “. In the opinion of the Rector of UCJC, “you know what is best for you at any given moment.”

Analysis of current academic topics

In this open debate, topics of academic interest were discussed, such as the current and future role of the university, its connection with society and particularly with the business world. In addition, the panel discussed new university models and new degrees and the challenges that must be faced to ensure the relevant connections are made between education and work, theory and practice, study and the professional world.

They also analysed aspects such as the current state of universities, the differences between public and private universities, in-house training at companies, and education as a basic and transforming element.