Antonio Fabregat and Javier de la Puerta, University Camilo José Cela debate instructors, proclaimed best debaters in the world in English as a foreign language

The instructors of the Debate Club of University Camilo José Cela (UCJC), Antonio Fabregat and Javier de la Puerta, have been proclaimed ‘World’s Best Debater in English’ and ‘Second Best Debater in the World’ at the World Universities Debating Championship in the English as a Foreign Language category, a huge milestone as they are the first Spaniards to achieve this recognition.

This achievement was announced at the final of the World Universities Debating Championship’ (WUDC), which was held at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. The UCJC team has qualified for the first time in the history of the competition as semi-finalists in the EPL or Open league and have achieved first place in the ESL (English as Second Language) and EFL (English as Foreign Language) categories.

A total of 400 teams from universities around the world took part in the WUDC, including, and above all, the most prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge or Stanford. The topics are handed to participants 15 minutes in advance of each round. They do not have access to the Internet and they are told at that time if they are for or against the proposed topic.

Especially exciting were the rounds in which the UCJC team beat their counterparts at Harvard and Stanford in the Open league. The issue that they had to defend was entitled Should international treaties be respected (for example, not torturing prisoners, post-conflict liberation) in the case of the fight against terrorism? The UCJC and Harvard team argued that yes, they should be respected regardless of whether they were terrorists, Stanford and the Hebrew University of Israel were against it.

University Camilo José Cela organises the largest debate league of Spanish universities and fosters communication skills in its students as part of its strong commitment to learning experiences that enhance the talent of each student.