UCJC organises, along with The Friends of Tel Aviv University the conference entitled ‘Challenges of Coexistence: Society, Education and Globalisation’

Uzi Rabi, director of the Moshe Dayan Center for studies of the Middle East and Africa and senior researcher at the Centre for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University, participated in the conference “Challenges of Coexistence: Society, Education and Globalisation” organised by University Camilo José Cela together with the Association of Friends of the University of Tel Aviv at the UCJC Campus in Almagro.

The Israeli professor gave a keynote speech on the Arab world and its social and cultural reality. Rabi has stated that “our students must know that in order to reach a peaceful solution they must understand the specific social characteristics of a society, distancing themselves from religion and with respect” and that to connect cultures an “educational revolution” is necessary.

During the day there was also a round table discussion with Ignacio Sell, director of the UCJC Foundation, and Patricia Nahmad, co-president of the Association Friends of the University of Tel Aviv; Juan Carlos Torrego, coordinator of the Inclusion and Educational Improvement: Coexistence and Cooperative Learning Research Group, from the University of Alcalá and the UCJC; Francisco Jiménez Bautista, researcher at the Institute of Peace and Conflicts of the University of Granada; and Gonzalo Velasco Arias, professor of Humanities and Critical Thinking at the UCJC.