UCJC and the NGO ‘Por la Sonrisa de un Niño’ raise funds to help the schooling of children in Cambodia

University Camilo José Cela has held the traditional ‘Chocolatada’ where several volunteers have raised money to help the most needy in Cambodia, through a joint action with the NGO Por la Sonrisa de un Niño (PSE). This day also serves to raise awareness the entire educational community about the current situation in Cambodia.

The event was attended by María Capriles, the President of PSE, who thanked students of University Camilo José Cela and the UCJC Foundation for their volunteer work. “We take children from the rubbish dump and the streets of Cambodia and enrol them in school. We would like to invite you to help us in the summer during the teachers’ holidays to prevent the children from returning to the streets again”, María Capriles requested.