Samuel Martín-Barbero encourages the UCJC faculty to show “the best version of ourselves”

Samuel Martín-Barbero, Rector of University Camilo José Cela, expressed his gratitude for the work and efforts of the entire UCJC educational community over the past year in his traditional ‘Rector’s Seasonal Toast’. In his speech, Martín-Barbero thanked “all those who have defended the prestige of University Camilo José Cela and its past, present and future”. He added: “The university should enhance the talent of teachers and students and accord them the prestige they deserve”.

Nieves Segovia, President of SEK Group, took the floor and following accolades for the work of UCJC’s educational community over the past year, she stressed that “this Institution is distinguished by its tradition of innovation, and the future holds a horizon full of great opportunities for us”.

Previously, Martín-Barbero had an open and friendly chat with all the faculty of UCJC and the non-teaching staff. In it, Martín-Barbero, along with all his team, explained the evolution, the present and the future strategic lines of the University with internationalisation, innovation, interdisciplinarity and a marked social commitment as major strategic vectors.

The Rector encouraged everyone to give “their best” and to bolster their commitment to the path of specialisation and differentiation that has marked the course of UCJC in recent times, with an offer based on teaching excellence and providing the student with a unique learning experience. Martín-Barbero also highlighted the transition from a traditional university with vertical areas to a more horizontal approach, from a model based on areas of responsibility to one focused on joint projects.