Jorge Gutiérrez, PhD candidate at UCJC, winner of the National Award in Sports Science

Jorge Gutiérrez Hellín has a BSc in Physical Activity and Sports, besides having a Master’s Degree in Research in Sports Programmes: Management, High Performance and Social Development, both from University Camilo José Cela. Currently, Jorge is in the final phase of his Doctoral Thesis, which he is studying at the University Camilo José Cela International Doctoral School, where he is also a researcher with a European research grant.

Thanks to the research work for his Doctoral Thesis, Javier Gutiérrez has won the Best Oral Communication Award at the 10th International Congress of Sports Sciences, which was held at the INEF in A Coruña. His keynote speech won the award for Exercise Physiology thanks to his research on the effects of fat and carbohydrate oxidation in elite cyclists after the consumption of p-synephrine.

Q. What does your research consist of?

A. Currently I am employed as a Researcher in the Exercise Physiology Laboratory until January of 2020. This is due to a European research fund predoctoral fellowship for young researchers. My research for my Doctoral Thesis is on p-synephrine and women athletes’ menstrual cycles, physical performance and optimisation of fat oxidation during exercise. In addition to this, I help the rest of the laboratory researchers in different research.

Q. What stands your research apart?

A. I think that everyone knows how valuable research is in society. In our case, in the branch of health, we advance knowledge in aspects that require answers. For example, in the topic of women and exercise, almost no research is found in this regard that have studied the effect of the menstrual cycle during sport and its physical performance. In the case of p-synephrine, we are the only research group in the world that is providing very high-quality data on the acute effects of the isolated intake of this substance on the effects of its consumption during exercise.

Q. Why did you choose University Camilo José Cela to do your PhD?

A. I chose UCJC to do my doctorate because this is where Juan del Coso and Juan José Salinero work, two of the best researchers in the field of the sports sciences in Spain and it could be said in Europe.

Q. Why would you recommend UCJC?

A. I’ve been a student here nine years and I’ve enjoyed several scholarships from the Vicrectorate of Research and I have worked here. If I had to recommend it to someone who wants to do Sports Science, I would recommend it because of the great team of teachers in the department. Not only just because of their academic standing, but also because they are great people.