Joanne Mampaso, speaker at the 25th Annual Forum of Club Excelencia en Gestión

The Club Excelencia en Gestión has held its 25th Annual Forum, which on this occasion has dealt with future management trends. The day began with the presentation of the conclusions of the study published the Club itself, and that bearing the same name as the forum. Following which, the guests at the event gave several inspiring speeches as part of the round table discussions.

Joanne Mampaso, Director of Academic Design of University Camilo José Cela, participated in the second round of conferences, as part of the round-table entitled “Challenges of the future: How is the client changing? ” Mampaso shared the stage with Carlos Mascias, medical director of HM Hospitales (Torrelodones); Marta Fina, Director of Quality and Customer Experience at CaixaBank; and Pilar Díaz, mayor of Esplugues de Llobregat.

During her presentation, Joanne Mampaso spoke about university students and their relationship with teaching staff and universities, and highlighted the transversal skills included in the innovative method part of The Hive (La Colmena) course applied at University Camilo José Cela. The Director of Academic Design at UCJC assured the audience that “universities have to focus on training in transversal skills, on conceiving and understanding learning, and enabling spaces for it”.

Mampaso pointed out that UCJC does not only focus on content (studies), but also on the vessel (the student). “ In addition to the knowledge of their degree, students need skills to deal with any social situation that may arise in the future, ” he said.

The Club Excelencia en Gestión Exchange Forums are meeting spaces for professionals from different sectors, and with mutual interests, to relate and share their knowledge, experiences and lessons learned, within a framework of mutual and lasting trust. Sectoral meeting spaces are also provided for organisations belonging to very specific sectors, such as public administrations, universities or health.