Award to on-the-job training tutors at UCJC

University Camilo José Cela (UCJC) held its third Tutor Awards, awards for organisations, businesses and public bodies who collaborate as tutors on on-the-job-training schemes for UCJC students.

Among the criteria assessed by the heads of the degrees and on-the-job training at UCJC are such things as the welcome received by students, the assessment and certification of skills, available resources, timetable flexibility, the social commitment of the company or the possibility of students joining the organisation once the internship period has ended.

During the event, several prizes were awarded in the following categories:

  • Health category: Sanitas.
  • Education category: Ministry of Education of La Rioja.
  • Communication and Humanities category: Liga de Fútbol Profesional and Sánchez de Lara Abogados.
  • Technology and Science category: DB Schencker.

The Extraordinary Awards highlight the singularities in the company-UCJC collaboration:

  • Social Commitment Award Santander España. This award is granted to companies that have made great efforts in student job insertion.
  • Lifetime Award: Fisioglobal. It is granted to companies that stand out for their continuity and long tradition in the tutoring of students.
  • Insertion Award: Grupo SIA (Servicios Informáticos Abiertos). Rewards companies that have made a greater effort in recent years for the employment of students.

Alberto Recas, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Empleo Universia who delivered an inaugural speech on ‘The Digital Transformation of Employment’. Recas has twenty years of experience in business digitization, from technology startups to multinationals.

In the words of José Luis Málaga, Director of Professional Degrees at UCJC, “the professional development of the students is one of the main axes in each of our programs and degrees. How to prepare and train them to face a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous work environment (VUCA) requires that we engage companies and organisations from different sectors in the co-creation of programmes according to new professions, and in experiential learning and mentoring our students in real projects “.

The objective of the partnership between business and universities is for students to be able to function by themselves in today’s society. On-the-job training at companies can be very useful for both students and host businesses.

The internship programmes offer the possibility of introducing students to the job market and putting into practice the knowledge acquired during their studies and, in this way, getting to know different professions first-hand. The companies, for their part, can train students in specific areas of their activity, giving the possibility of starting a professional career systematically organised from the beginning.