UCJC holds its 2017-18 graduation ceremony

University Camilo José Cela held the graduation ceremony in honour of the 610 undergraduate and postgraduate students who graduated this 2017-2018 academic year. All students were presented with the traditional academic stole accrediting them as graduates and post-graduates of UCJC.

The ceremony, as per established protocol at the close of the year, was headed by the delegation of doctors from University Camilo José Cela, and was attended by the President of SEK Education Group, Nieves Segovia, who gave a welcome address to all students and families present at the UCJC Villafranca Campus. In her address, Mrs Segovia expressed ‘gratitude to each of you, students who graduate today, for your nonconformity, for what you have learnt, and for the longing for the future that is the engine behind this University’.

Her address was followed by the screening of a video summing up the 2017-18 academic year featuring the main milestones of the academic year at the university such as student exchanges with the Boston University in the United States and India’s Garden City University, accentuating the already marked international nature of UCJC.

This year’s graduating class was sponsored by Bertold Fridlender, Doctor in Microbiology and Medical Immunology at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and president of the Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem (Israel), who congratulated all the students for their academic achievements and encouraged them to continue on the path of future integration and interculturality.

Diego Hernández Sancho and Rosa María Martínez Fernández were in charge of delivering the speeches on behalf of the undergraduate and postgraduate students, respectively.

Following the presentation of the Extraordinary Awards for UCJC Talent to the year’s most outstanding students, and to present the academic stoles to graduates and postgraduates, Samuel Martín-Barbero, Rector of University Camilo José Cela, gave an emotional address to close the graduation.