Launch of Foundation University Camilo José Cela

Foundation University Camilo José Cela (Foundation UCJC) was created with the goal of channelling and managing the social impact of support programmes and to promote university social responsibility, sustainable development and entrepreneurship at University Camilo José Cela (UCJC). UCJC is the first Spanish university to commit to a different, socially aware and humanitarian international academic education.

The kick off presentation of Foundation UCJC took place at the UCJC Almagro Campus, the foundation aspires to become leading space for projects with a vocation to transform society. Under the aegis of UCJC, its educational community will promote applied research, interculturality and the results of civic engagement from higher education.

Foundation UCJC is an exciting project that will connect UCJC with the Millennium Development Goals, the global United Nations plan which aims to achieve a better world by 2030 in 16 specific areas. In this sense, UCJC, following the innovative updating of its educational model, also brings greater innovation to its social impact projects.

Samuel Martín-Barbero, Rector of University Camilo José Cela and President of the Foundation UCJC, emphasised “the role of universities as agents of social change”. According to the Rector, “the true goal of education is the all-round humanisation of mankind”. In this way, “Foundation UCJC believes university should not be limited to its physical walls”, connected to society and committed to a practical project approach.

Ignacio Sell, Director of Foundation UCJC, explained that “the Foundation aspires to be the soul of University Camilo José Cela” and highlighted three words that define it: empathy, compassion and social responsibility”.

Support for UCJC social responsibility initiatives

Foundation UCJC facilitates and supports initiatives that, within the framework of education, propose solutions to the challenges of our society based on cohesion, civic commitment, diversity, solidarity and healthy living. The initiatives and areas that are currently part of the Foundation UCJC are the Peace Campus, Integra Project, Women for Africa, PSE, international volunteering, knowledge, research and action volunteering, UCJC inclusive campus and UCJC healthy campus.

In this way UCJC is committed to educating its students in social values ​​and is committed to dynamic initiatives, research and teaching content in a transversal way through their degrees and initiatives such as the Integra Project. Through this programme, UCJC welcomed last year ten young foreign refugees who have fled their respective war-torn countries: Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and Afghanistan. Thanks to this pioneering initiative in Spain, they have started or resumed their university studies.

On the other hand, the Peace Campus project is made up of a multidisciplinary team that includes psychologists, educators and experts from UCJC, who work on the emotional development of children and young people who are victims or affected by terrorism.

Foundation UCJC also collaborates with the Por la Sonrisa de un Niño NGO in its School Continuity Programme in Cambodia, which aims to prevent children from returning to garbage dumps during their vacation period and at the same time preventing school dropouts.