University Camilo José Cela receives the support of Banco Santander for the expansion of its social commitment strategy

University Camilo José Cela (UCJC), through Foundation University Camilo José Cela (Foundation UCJC) and Banco Santander, through Santander Universidades, have renewed and expanded the conditions of their educational collaboration agreement. The agreement reflects the willingness of both parties to promote work in support programmes and promotion of university social responsibility, sustainable development and entrepreneurship. This agreement expands the opportunity to collaborate in the study, design, professional practices and implementation of projects that have a vocation to transform society, promote applied research, interculturalism and results in civic commitment from higher education.

In the words of the Rector of UCJC, Samuel Martín-Barbero, this agreement and conviction to continue working together broadening horizons in favour of a better education in Spain “represents a firm purpose of transferring greater capacities, wills, sensitivities and resources that help Spanish universities to be at the forefront in social and securities matters”.

Interdisciplinarity, innovation and internationalisation as transversal values

Interdisciplinarity, innovation and internationalisation are the pillars of the UCJC academic model. UCJC and Banco Santander, through Santander Universidades, join with this agreement in the promotion of a university that assimilates the necessary skills for 21st century society through lines of research and projects based on participative, interactive learning environments and focused on the student. Other lines of action included in the collaboration between Banco Santander and Foundation UCJC have to do with excellence grants, sports, research, technology, bibliographic resources or talent acquisition.

The UCJC Integra Project, a model of solidarity

In October 2016, UCJC welcomed 10 young foreign refugees, from four nationalities, who have fled the war zones of Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and Afghanistan and who have started or resumed their university studies thanks to the UCJC Integra Project. The Integra Project is the result of the work of UCJC with the inestimable help of UNICEF, ACNUR, Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo and from now on, with Banco Santander.

Through this initiative, UCJC has been the first Spanish university and one of the few in Europe to commit to a different, sensitive, friendly, committed, social and humanitarian international academic education. Foundation UCJC has embarked on an unparalleled path in the maintenance of a cutting-edge and inclusive higher education in favour of disadvantaged groups (in response to a current crisis and global challenge such as that of refugees), which is already a reference for the development of certain public policies and private solidarity projects outside of Spain.

Banco Santander is committed to support this project within the framework of its agreement with the University and to facilitate access to the entity’s selection processes to offer paid on-the-job training for UCJC students who are refugees from war, put forward by the Foundation UCJC, provided they meet the requirements of the specialised services of the Bank within the framework of its Human Resources policy and recruitment of talent.