Second EUA Thematic Peer Group meeting on Career Paths in Teaching

Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) hosted last 24 and 25 May the second group meeting where UCJC participated as a member, along with Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary), Nord University (Norway), University of Utrecht (Netherlands), University of Rijeka (Croatia), Catholic University of Louvain / KU Leuven (Belgium), University of Bucharest (Romania) and CBS (Denmark).

The meeting addressed innovative methods and approaches related to three main challenges the universities were asked to reflect upon: Firstly, examples that promote a cultural shift or change towards a more encompassing, committed engagement that valorises teaching; Secondly, examples of (overarching) frameworks for documenting and recognising teaching skills; and thirdly, examples of careers envisaged in an inclusive way (both research and teaching). The aim of the discussion was to evaluate institutional policies and processes that support these methods and approaches.

Prior to the meeting, participants were asked to collect and briefly explain existing initiatives or models at their institution that could be useful to address the three key challenges identified above and circulate them to the group. This made it possible to effectively use all the meeting time for ample discussions and questions about each of the sets of examples.