Álvarez Fermosel wins the Suzuki Cup held at the UCJC Sports Club

The third edition of the Suzuki Obstacle Jumping Cup, a three-star equestrian tournament that over three days – from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 May – was hosted at the UCJC Sports Club, University Camilo José Cela Villafranca Campus, and brought together over two hundred riders competing in different categories.

Juan Ignacio Álvarez Fermosel was proclaimed champion of the 1.40m Grand Prix, after seeing off last year’s winner in the tiebreaker, Eduardo Álvarez Aznar, who also won second place in the CSI5 * Madrid Grand Prix.

For their part, the Ridruejo sisters won the 1.20 metre test, taking the first two places. María came in first place, with her sister, Manuela, taking second, while Teresa Andrés Usandizaga was third.

Manuela Riduejo also won the 1.30 metre jump, while Álvaro Alfonso Gómez won the 1.10 metre and Candela Fernández Campoamor did the same in the 1 metre competition.