University Camilo José Cela hosts the 2018 EUSA Gala

University Camilo José Cela has hosted the 2018 EUSA Gala, organised by the Spanish University Sports Committee and UCJC itself, to present awards given by the European Association of University Sports (EUSA) to the universities with the best sports results of the season.

The event was attended by representatives of UCJC, led by Rector Samuel Martín-Barbero, and other illustrious guests such as the President of EUSA, Adam Roczek; its Vice President, Haris Pavletic; its General Secretary, Matjaz Pecovnik, among others. A gala dinner was also held during the awards ceremony, with representatives of universities and sports federations from across Europe.

Prizes were awarded to the Best University, the Most Active University, the Most Successful University Sports Association, the Most Active University Sports Association, the Best Logo, a Special Award to the European Karate Federation and the ‘Enno Harms’ Fair Play Award.