Barbara Arrowsmith presents the Spanish translation of her book The Woman Who Changed Her Brain at UCJC

Barbara Arrowsmith, member of the International Advisory Board of SEK Education Group, presented the Spanish edition of her book The Woman Who Changed Her Brain.

The book examines brain functioning, and how, by following a cognitive education programme and carrying out a series of exercises, we can “transform” it and find hope for people suffering from learning disorders, brain injuries, ADHD or the effects of strokes.

The event was attended by Nieves Segovia, President of SEK Education Group, who highlighted that the book shared similarities to UCJC, since it represents ongoing advances in the fields of science and internationality that Camilo José Cela University experiences every year. “Barbara’s work has a great deal in common with our own educational ideas and hallmarks”, Segovia added.

She also recalled how “over many years, and even decades, we have run cognitive development programmes worked initially in our schools and then also at in the university. These programmes have enabled us to give students the chance to fully develop their personal potential.

Barbara Arrowsmith, on the other hand, took the opportunity to thank all those who made the translation of her book into Spanish possible, among which included Arpad Von Lazar, President of the International Advisory Board, and Nieves Segovia. “She is a visionary in the field of education whose commitment and passion is the fruit of a lifetime’s dedication, and has placed the student at the centre of her educational process,” she said of the President of SEK Education Group.

“The human brain is incredibly complex and, in a unique way, makes us the way we are. Studies have shown that no two brains are alike. For me, the concept of neuroplasticity is amazing. Not only does the brain make us who we are, but if we could perfectly understand the concepts of neuroplasticity, we could really transform our own brain”, Arrowsmith said.