The European University Association selects UCJC to be part of its analysis team in teaching and learning

Camilo José Cela University is one of eight European universities -the only Spanish one- chosen by the European University Association (USA) to be a member of the ‘Career paths in teaching’ group, a special teaching analysis and design and university learning team.

This work commission, led by Utrecht University (Holland), hosts for the first meeting, is made up of leading European universities: KU Leuven (Belgium), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Nord University (Norway), University of Rijeka (Croatia), Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary), University of Bucharest (Romania) and Camilo José Cela University (Spain).

This first meeting will take place in the Dutch town of Utrecht on 23 March and will be coordinated by Thérèse Zhang, EUA Deputy Director for Higher Education Policy, based in Brussels.