Camilo José Cela University will showcase its campus and educational offering through virtual reality at AULA

Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) will participate in AULA and in the International Postgraduate Exhibition, as part of the 2018 Education Week, where it will present its academic offering, based on the interdisciplinary The Hive (La Colmena) programme. This year, its Villafranca campus is showcased on a 3D video, which can be viewed through virtual reality goggles at the UCJC stand. The 150-square metre stand will house several areas to greet students seeking further information on the university.

A team of careers guidance experts will be on hand to advise students interested in discovering the most suitable qualifications for them.

With the motto ‘Nonconformists welcome’ the UCJC sums up its unceasing search for innovative, international and interdisciplinary learning. Camilo José Cela University offers a more all-round model of knowledge and experience that fosters the development of critical thinking and reinvention not only for those searching for their first job, but for their entire life.

International degrees with internships abroad

The international degrees offered by the UCJC (Digital Arts, Communications, Urban Management, and Business and Technology) offer internships abroad, in countries such as the United States, China, India or Israel.

The new Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Technology combines management, innovation, internationalisation and information systems to offer a more updated and differentiated view of the Business and Engineering degrees.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Communications offers an innovative and different programme in Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism, Audiovisual Communications and Corporate and Political Communications.

The new Degree in Digital Arts is a three-year degree that combines teaching in conceptual and artistic creation processes, tools applied to the digital creation process and business and entrepreneurship.

The new Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Management is a pioneering degree in Spain that affords students a multidisciplinary education and prepares them to create, configure and lead the future development of cities through the so-called ‘Urban Agenda’ to to ensure sustainable urban development in cities.

Transversal and entrepreneurial education

Camilo José Cela University also offers several degrees focused on a future job market, which combine sciences and humanities in transversal ways through The Hive (La Colmena) programme.

As part of their lessons and with a cross-curricula and multidisciplinary approach, all UCJC students will take subjects such as ‘The Modern World’, ‘Critical Thinking’, ‘Digital Skills’, ‘Entrepreneurial Skills’, ‘Business English’, ‘Globalisation, Cooperation and Sports Values’ with the aim of developing their skills and abilities needed for personal and professional growth.

This programme is integrated in all Camilo José Cela University degrees:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science and Physical Activity
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Transport and Logistics
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Security
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Primary School Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Protocol and Event Management
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

HST course, an interdisciplinary experience

This commitment to cross-curricula education is also at the core of Humanities, Science and Technology (HST) pre-college course at UCJC, with the motto “Think, Create, Discover”.

The lessons given under the motto “Think” help them understand some of the major conceptual changes facing their generation. The workshops given under “Create” enable them to develop skills related to technology and creativity in a practical and fun way. And lastly, visits by industry-recognised professionals and master-classes in the “Discover” block give students a chance to get to know the most innovative initiatives that blend Humanities, Science and Technology.

New higher vocational training offering

At this year’s AULA, Camilo José Cela University will present, among other novelties, its new offer of higher vocational training courses, which includes qualifications in Early Childhood Education, Logistics and Transport, International Trade and Physical and Sports Activities Instructor.

SEK International Schools at the Schools Day

SEK International Schools, which like Camilo José Cela University belong to the SEK Education Group, will be present at the Schools Day, that this year organises its first fair aimed at parents looking for schools for their children.

The SEK International Schools stand, which cater for more than 5,500 boarding and day students of more than 50 nationalities at their schools in Madrid, Barcelona, Almería, Pontevedra, Dublin (Ireland), Les-Alpes (France) and Doha (Qatar), will offer information about its wide academic offering, which ranges from 0 to 18 years.