Camilo José Cela University presents the book ‘Mujer y deporte. La salud como meta’

Camilo José Cela University has presented the new book by its Marqués de Samaranch Olympic Chair, entitled Mujer y deporte. Mujer y deporte, in the Assembly Hall of the Sanitas Foundation Building. Miguel Angel Julve, CEO of Sanitas, hosted the event.

Prior to the presentation, the agreement was signed between Sanitas, represented by Jesús Bonilla, General Director of Hospitals, and Camilo José Cela University, represented by Francesco Sandulli, Vice Rector of UCJC, to continue with the publication of outreach books focusing on exercise and health.

The book included work from various authors over its fourteen chapters, among which were doctors from Sanitas de La Moraleja Hospital, Sanitas de la Zarzuela Hospital and Virgen del Mar Hospital, from cardiology, gynaecology, of nutrition and geriatrics departments.

In addition, several experts in medicine, physical activity and sport sciences from Camilo José Cela University took part, including Juan Carlos Segovia, Director of the UCJC Marqués de Samaranch Olympic Chair.

The book tackles the different phases of the sports and health cycles of women’s lives, with dissertations explaining each of them. It also includes advice on how to improve health through various routines and physical exercises, nutrition and exercise during pregnancy or breastfeeding, among other topics of interest.

Exercise is understood not as an impediment, but as an aid to develop better in childhood and adolescence, to help women be healthy and ready for pregnancy and childbirth and to stay healthy and strong over the different phases of life up to a more advanced age.