Camilo José Cela University hosts Talent UCJC, an inspiring event for young talent

The Talent UCJC colloquium, which aims to inspire first and fourth year students, gathered former students from different fields who talked about their experiences preparing themselves for and tackling university and professional life.

The event, in its second year, was hosted by Javier Sierra, Deputy Rector for Academic Management and Jose Luis Málaga, Camilo José Cela University Director of Professional Degrees.

UCJC students were given the opportunity to hear several speakers, former students of the university, at this event held at the UCJC Almagro Campus. Guests included Helena García Soto, founder of Madaísh and former ELLE, Lóréal and Google employee; Albert Roca, international handball player, two times world champion with Spain and David Fernández Sanchidrián, Editor in Chief at AS, among others.

Talent UCJC aims to inspire young talent, former UCJC students, students in the first year of their degree that need positive guidance for their professional development plan and year four students who need to build up a professional network for the future.