Antonio Ledezma, former mayor of Caracas, shares his vision of current affairs in Venezuela with the UCJC educational community

The former mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, visited the UCJC Almagro Campus and gave a talk to Camilo José Cela University students and lecturers in which he outlined his point of view on the current situation in Venezuela, as well as describing his personal experience following his arrest and imprisonment in 2015.

Ledezma, who answered questions by attendees, moderated by Jorge Santiago, Dean of the School of Communications, said he felt ‘partially free’ since he would not be entirely free until Venezuela was free. ‘I must now be a moral standard for my people and represent my fellow citizens’, said the Venezuelan politician.

‘I did not escape, I freed myself. I was kidnapped by my own government.’ In this way Antonio Ledezma described his experience following his arrest and imprisonment, first in prison and then under house arrest, and how he managed to cross the border to Colombia, and then fly to Spain.

At this talk to the UCJC education community, Ledezma advocated for setting aside personal interests to ensure the Venezuelan opposition’s success against Maduro in coming elections. Furthermore, he requested the help of other countries in changing Venezuelan society. ‘We need other governments to send humanitarian aid, to be benevolent to our diaspora, to provide financial aid and to help the human talent spread across the world to return’, said the former Mayor of Caracas.