UCJC hosts the 8th World Federation of Athletic Trainer and Therapy Convention

Camilo José Cela University has organised, in conjunction with the World Federation of Athletic Trainer and Therapy (WFATT) its 8th World Convention.

Fascia conditions and rehab in sports was the topic for the conferences given by researchers, professionals, lecturers and students, a great opportunity for  UCJC Physiotherapy students to learn about prevention, treatment and rehabilitation from the world experts that gathered at UCJC.

The aim of the convention, according to the Chair of WFATT, was to ‘provide tools to ensure the best possible care for individuals with an active lifestyle’.

Over the three-day conference, new discoveries, case studies, comparative analysis and points of view were showcased from a sports and scientific standpoint. Expert keynote speakers included Sue Falsone with a chat entitled ‘How important is myofascia in sport?’; Jean Claude Gimberteau with ‘Endoscopic exploration of human living matter. What are mobility, suppleness, and flexibility and how to improve them?’; and Andrzej Pilat, with a conference on ‘Anatomy of the Fascia and Myofascial Force Transmission. Evidence from un-embalmed cadaver dissections’.