UCJC holds a conference on preventing and stopping jihadist extremism and radicalisation

Camilo José Cela University (UCJC), alongside CISEG, held a conference entitled Perfilación yihadista: prevención, radicalización y soluciones (Profiling jihadis: prevention, radicalisation and solutions, at the UCJC Almagro Campus.

The event featured the participation of experts in this field who tackled topics such as radicalisation and recruitment of jihadis (with real-life cases), convergence of extremisms, preventing and detecting signs of radicalisation, profiles of jihadis, effect and trauma suffered by victims of terrorism, deradicalisation and cybersecurity.

‘Recruiters tend to be eloquent and convincing. They study profiles, seeking weak and vulnerable people’ said Bahae Eddine, UNESCO international terrorism expert. ‘We are making mistakes. When these recruiters are arrested and put in prison, they should serve out their sentences. Because they are dangerous people. Convincing eighteen people to go Syria, take up arms and fight… Not everybody has that ability.

‘We are talking about ideology, not religion. They reach people’s hearts, so that when they wake everyday they are ready to fight’, said Joan Caballero, expert on urban gang violence. ‘The discourse is always twisted. They do manipulate reason, they manipulate emotions. And when they manage it, they have a loyal convert, who will do whatever they are told.’

The event also featured experts such as Alfredo Rodríguez, Director of the Master’s Degree in Public Security and Defence Policies at UCJCDavid Garriga, criminologist and expert on jihadi terrorism; Beatriz Cobo, expert on treating victims of terrorist attacks; Natalia Moreno, victim psychology expert; Hugo Zunzarren, lecturer on cybersecurity at UCJC and Marc Formís, intelligence and cyberanalyst on jihadi terrorism.