Camilo José Cela University awards the work of tutors on its company internship schemes

Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) has held the 2nd Tutor Awards, aimed at acknowledging the work of tutors and collaborating organisations, companies and administrations on its internship schemes for Camilo José Cela University students.

Tutors within collaborating bodies play a fundamental role in students’ training to improve their employability in their chosen industry. Working in close partnership with university tutors is also crucial in contributing to the supervision of tasks and responsibilities and guiding interns.

Among the criteria taken into account by degree heads and those running the internship scheme at the UCJC were the success of welcome plans for students, assessment and certification of skills useful for future professional life, use of available resources, flexible timetables, corporate social responsibility and future job and career opportunities at companies on completion of internships.

Awards were presented in different categories:

  • The award for the Education category was presented to the Fundación Iberoamérica Europa.
  • The award for the Health category went to Mutua Universal.
  • The Communications category award was presented to Antena 3 Noticias.
  • The Law and Economics award went to Action Against Hunger.
  • The award for the Architecture and Technology category went to Pantany Logistic.

The Extraordinary Awards aim to highlight singular collaborations between institutions and Camilo José Cela University:

  • The Trajectory Award, for companies that stand out for their long track record in tutoring students, went to SAMUR-Servicio de Asistencia Municipal de Urgencia y Rescate.
  • The Job Market Placement Award, going to companies making the greatest efforts in students’ job placement, this year went to Europa Press.
  • The Social Commitment Award, going to institutions showing high levels of social commitment, went to Womenalia.

The event featured the participation Emili Pascual, Director of Employer Branding at Banco Sabadell, who spoke about employee and customer experience.

The partnership between the university and businesses aims to ensure students are able to be self-sufficient in modern society. Internships are of major benefit for both students and host companies.

According to José Luis Málaga, Director of Professional Degrees at UCJC, “Universities, business and public and private institutions have the responsibility to cooperate and establish joint programmes to train future talent. A coordinated response from the business and academic world, in this volatile and uncertain job market, means working on professional skills and abilities needed to be the prime objective for students to develop in the third millennium.

Internship schemes help students to access the job market and put into practice the knowledge acquired over their studies, and this way, get to know professions first hand. Businesses are therefore able to train students in specific fields of activity, enabling them to embark on a career that is systematically organised from the start.