The UCJC gathers a host of former Latin American presidents

The University Camilo José Cela Centre (UCJC) Centre for Governance and Political Marketing (CIGMAP) has brought together a host of former Latin American presidents, former chiefs of cabinet and communications consultants at its UCJC Almagro Campus.

The Simulated Government event, part of the Specialist Course in Government Management Election Campaigns, was attended by Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico; Eduardo Duhalde, former President of Argentina; Jamil Mahuad, former President of Ecuador; Nicanor Duharte, former President of Paraguay; Luis Alberto Lacalle, former President of Uruguay; Carlos Mesa, former President of Bolivia and Manuel Antonio Rabelais, Secretary to the President of Angola. They all took part in two round table discussions, moderated by Manuel Alcántara and Isidro Sepúlveda, and attended the graduation ceremony for the course.

In his address, Vicente Fox spoke on the need for leadership, and said that “leadership must have a cause, it has to be generous and compassionate. That leadership is capable of transforming reality”.

Eduardo Duhalde, former President of Argentina, discussed the need for today’s politicians to be close to the people and the real lives of younger generations.  “Kids do not read newspapers and are addicted to technology”, he said.

For his part, the former President of Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle, said that “politicians must understand the reality they will govern. They must have their feet on the ground, be in contact with reality. Know it, and then, understand it”.