The UCJC celebrates its 2017 Graduation Ceremony

The University Camilo José Cela celebrated its Graduation ceremony for 594 graduate and postgraduate students graduating in the 2016/2017 academic year, who have been given the traditional graduation stole.

The ceremony was headed by a committee of doctors from the University Camilo José Cela. The event was attended by the President of SEK Education Group, Nieves Segovia, who gave a welcome address. The ceremony also featured an address by the Rector, Samuel Martín-Barbero, and the event’s sponsor, Andrés Duarte, who is also a member of the SEK Education Group International Advisory Board.

Following the screening of a video on the year’s academic highlights, speeches by students on behalf of their year and the presenting of the stole to all graduates, the event closed with the UCJC Talent Awards for graduate and postgraduate students.

You can see the video of the graduation ceremony at the following link: