The UCJC football team are crowned Madrid University League champions a sixth year running

The men’s Camilo José Cela University football team was crowned champions of the Madrid University League a sixth year running. The combination of UCJC’s win against Universidad Europea de Madrid (2-7) and the subsequent draws against Universidad Complutense and Universidad Politécnica, meant they took the league championships with two matches still to play.

The UCJC team celebrated their sixth league championship in their match against the Universidad Poltécnica, in the fifth fixture of the final stage of the league, where they won the match 2 to 1.

With this new championship, the UCJC team has qualified for the Spanish University Championship held from 18 to 21 April in Madrid, organised by the Sports Department of Camilo José Cela University.

The UCJC swimming success

The UCJC men’s swimming team took third place in the Madrid University Swimming Championship, held on 4 March at the UCJC Sports Club pool.

Camilo José Cela University competed with eleven swimmers, including Martín Melconian, 50 and 100 meter freestyle champion; Enrique Carrasco, 50 meter backstroke champion and 100 meter backstroke bronze medalist; Andrey Maese, 50 meter butterfly silver medalist and 50-meter freestyle bronze medal-winner and Andrés Plaza, fourth place 50 and 100-meters freestyle.

In the overall classification the men’s swimming team rose to third place, just four points shy of the Universidad Carlos III team.

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