SEK Educational Group will be presented with the ‘Unidos por la Paz’ award at a fund-raising gala on 9 March

This fund-raising gala will raise funds for the UCJC Integra Project and the Market Solidario organised by the Rotary Foundation, as part of the 2nd ‘Unidos por la Paz’ prize presented to SEK Educational Group by the Rotary e-Club Mediterráneo ‘to award projects working in favour of peace both in Spain and globally, and in particular those projects related to UNICEF, through Camilo José Cela University’s Instituto de Cooperación y Desarrollo Humano (ICDH), working towards creating teaching centres in underdeveloped countries; the Integra Project, that offers young refugees the chance to continue their university studies in Spain; and the Peace Campus, aimed at families who have been victims of terrorism.’

Nieves Segovia, President of SEK Educational Group, will accept the award on behalf of the Group at a fund-raising dinner to be held in Madrid on 9 March, the money raised will be distributed between the Rotary Foundation, the Integra Project and Market Solidario.

The Committee of the 2nd International ‘Unidos por La Paz’ award was made up of José Góngora Masclans, President of Rotary e-club Mediterráneo; Aurora López, Deputy President; Rafael Espinosa, Secretary; Francisco Rosser, Treasurer; Ricardo Buscemi, Honorary Member; Daniel Palomino, Past-President; and Jorge Pajares, e-club member.

The Rotary club is a global network of 1.2 million friends, community leaders and businesspeople who work together to affect a positive and lasting change on communities at home and abroad.

Solving real problems requires a true commitment and vision. For over 110 years, members of the Rotary Club have employed their passion, energy and intelligence to work on sustainable projects. From working towards literacy and peace, to ensuring drinking water and health in communities, it has always worked towards improving the life of communities, and has enabled them to know and work with other, high-impact altruistic organisations.

The Rotary Club works on projects that promote peace through its Rotary Foundation by creating a unique programme of international studies such as its Pro-Peace Grants, set up in the six leading world universities through a rigorous programme that gives around 50 high-achieving young students and professionals the chance to study International Conflict Resolution.

The Rotary Club believes in the role of the new generations as catalysts for peace, preventing and solving conflict in their communities and around the world.