The University Camilo José Cela (UCJC) located in Madrid is recruiting faculty members for teaching, research and academic activities in different undergraduate and postgraduate level courses.


  • A high level of academic qualifications (Ph.D.) is strongly required.
  • High command of written and spoken English is essential (C1). Teaching activities will be held in this language.
  • Previous teaching and management experience will be highly valued.
  • Candidates must hold six-year research periods and/or proven relevant research experience


Positions Qualification requireds Profiles
Architectural Projects Graduate in Architecture Candidates are expected to participate actively in the conceptual design of the forthcoming Doctoral Program of the School of Architecture and Technology. The must have an internationally regonigzed research career with leading publications and should have written a doctoral thesis within the past five years.
Technology: Construction Technologies and Environmental Technologies Graduate in Architecture
History and Theory of Architecture Graduates in History, Philosophy. Architecture, Fine Arts or related subjects
Urban Projects Graduate in Architecture. Landscaping, Planning or related subjects
Design Graduate in Design, Fine Arts, Architecture or related subjects
Fashion Graduates in Fashion, Fine Arts or related subjects
Interior Design Graduate in Architecture, Interior Design or related subjects
Graphic Design Graduate in Graphic Design, Fine Arts or related subjects
Landscaping Graduate in Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Environmental Studies, Agricultural Engineer
Doctoral Program PhDs in Fine Arts, Science, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering or related subjects

If you are interested in any of these vacancies, send your CV to:

The Faculty is seeking to fill a full-time post in the following speciality.

Post Qualification required
Bilingual Ph.D. in Principles of Economy PhD

If you are interested in this post, send your CV to:

The Faculty is looking for a highly qualified lecturer in the following speciality

Post Qualification required Profile
Accredited Lecturer in the area of Health (especially in MD studies) PhD (preferably in Medicine) To develop teaching activities in Nursery, Physical Therapy and Sports Sciences and Physical Education. Knowledge of new technologies, social media and experience in quality processes is highly recommended.

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The Faculty is looking for lecturers in several of its departments. Candidates should possess high academic qualifications in one of the following specialities.

Departament/Institutes Posts Profiles
Law Departament Lecturer in Private Law Must be an accredited lecturer (PhD) or a contract lecturer (PhD). Relevant research experience essential and experience of academic management highly recommended.
Lecturer in Legal Theory and Principles
Economics Department Lecturer in Strategy and Business Management
Criminology and Security Department Lecturer in Psychology
Specialist in Scientific Police ( Research Laboratory)
Transport and Logistics Department Lecturer in Logistical Planning and Supply Chain Management
Lecturer in Logistics and Transport Project Management
Specialist in International Logistics and Trade
Economics Department Associate Professor in Economics & Business
The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching courses in subjects as Mathematics, Spanish Economy, or International Economy. He/she will be also responsible for the management of some specific tasks related to the international relations of the department.
Research activity as well as a willingness to participate in research and/or technical assistance projects are also mandatory for the successful candidate.
Applicants must hold a PhD Degree by a reputable University. Accredited research experience is also desirable as well as accredited standard for Spanish university regulation.
A high level of written and spoken English, as well as Spanish, is essential. Courses might be taught in English and Spanish

If you are interested in any of these posts, send your CV to:

The Faculty is looking for highly qualified lecturers in the following specialities

Degrees Post Profile Graduate in Teaching Doctor Doctor in Pedagogy Expert in the management and development of E-learning with knowledge of education platforms.Specialisation in education technology. Graduate in Pre-School and Primary Education Teaching Lecturer in Mathematics Lecturer in Mathematics Must be trained in the methodology of teaching mathematics and have a teacher training degree as well as research and management experience. C1 level of English.

If you are interested in either of these posts, send your CV to:

The Department of Educational Innovation is looking for a highly qualified person for the post of

Director of Educational Innovation

Key Requirements

  • Ph.D. in Education
  • Research experience ( six-period searching and / or proven searching career will be strongly considered)
  • Teaching experience
  • High level of written and spoken English is essential
  • Need to be willing to travel

Other requirements

  • Teaching experience in High School
  • Knowledge of Public and Private Research Calls .- Educational Innovation
  • Participation in research teams
  • Experience as a collaborator in scientific publications within education field
  • Experience in team management


  • Design, develop and coordinate educational innovation projects
  • Create communication channels and collaborative work methods between the University and Schools:
    • Development and Assesment of Education Projects
    • Support teaching staff
    • Creation of Spaces and actions of Collaborative Work
  • Elaborate and implement projects of educational search
  • Plan and coordinate training actions for teaching staff
  • Coordinate practices and experiences about educational research between Schools and University
  • Asses the development and implementation of innovative practices
  • Confidentiality clause

    We inform those people who send their CVs to us by e-mail that their data will be incorporated into a file belonging to the SEK Educational Group and will be used in the selection process of candidates applying to the said SEK Educational Group.

    Should any candidate not wish that his/her data be used in this way, or wish to exercise their right of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, he/she should write to the Department of Human Resources at the SEK Educational Group by sending an e-mail to:

    Assistant for Academic Affairs Department

    – Advice in the preparation and modification of degrees, postgraduates and doctoral studies.
    – Monitoring of processes leading to the verification and follow up of the study plans in postgraduate and graduate degrees.
    – Support to the academic recognition of university degrees
    – Support to the publication of study plans in different media: tuition book, offer academic in different calls, website, etc.
    – Supervision and monitoring of UCJC degrees.
    – Advice and coordination of information linked to the correct implementation of UCJC degrees.

    – Planning and organization
    – Flexibility and adaptability
    – Initiative
    – Teamwork
    – High level of technological skills (Universitas XXI, Excel-advanced level)
    If you are interested in this post, please send your CV to, indicating ref: Academic Affairs Department